VBW Beer School: Party Like It’s 999

Saturday 14 March 2020, 3:00pm—4:30pm

VBW Beer School: Party Like It’s 999

Taste through a flight of ancient style brews with the folks from Howl and Salt Spring Island Ales and learn what people brewing up a millenia ago.

Have you ever wondered what people were drinking 1000 years ago? Ancient ales were often brewed as medicine involving lunar ritual, divine intervention, and a bounty of regional wild herbs. They very rarely contained hops, and brewers had no idea what yeast was, but the end result was often delicious and the recipes were then passed down from one generation to the next.

Restriction: 19+, two pieces of ID required

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Today with a little technological advancement and a deeper understanding of microbiology, brewers are reviving these ancient recipes and brewing new life into them! Join hosts from Howl Brewing and Salt Spring Island Ales as they explore a handful of the thousands of styles of ancient ales that have yet to be resurrected and party like it is 999(AD)

- a tasting of a selection of ancient ales

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- This event is 19+, two pieces of ID required

Argyle Attic

Argyle Attic
Victoria, Canada

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